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Learn in an easy way how to create
interactions in
Unreal Engine

117 USD**
3 x de US$ 41,99

Exclusive Group

Immediate Acess

One year access


English and Portuguese Audio


Fully recorded using


This course will show you, 3D Artist or Architect, what you need to know about Blueprints to further improve your architectural presentations, bringing interactivity to them!

All classes have Audio in Portuguese and English **

** Automatic subtitle translation is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean


This course has been updated, now it has English classes with a 100% effective and validated methodology, so you can gradually evolve your knowledge, apply it for all your Archviz projects with UE5 and impress your Clients with interactive projects!

Watch a sample of an Archviz presentation

using the Blueprints taught in the course:

Programming can be a daunting subject. Most people think they need to be a genius or a math expert to learn to program. But in this course you will learn otherwise.

Blueprints can be easy to learn, even without any

prior knowledge, just know Unreal Engine.

In this course you will find more than 70 lessons recorded in Unreal Engine 5, where you will learn best practices for using Blueprints. A real step-by-step guide that will help you get on the right path!

We have developed a methodology for you to gradually evolve your

knowledge as Blueprints become more complex.


Look how amazing this course is
Check the schedule

01 - Introduction

1.1 - Course Presentation

1.2 - What's Blueprint?

1.3 - Blueprint Interface

02 - Blueprint Structure

2.1 - Event Graph

2.2 - Flow Control

2.3 - Comments and Reroute

2.4 - Variables

03 - BP Simple Door

3.1 - Box Collision

3.2 - Static Mesh and Arrow

3.3 - Set Relative Rotation Node

3.4 - Timeline

3.5 - Creating the Door Blueprint

04 - BP Sliding Door

4.1 - Set Relative Location

4.2 - Get Relative Location

4.3 - Creating Sliding 3 Door Blueprint

05 - First Person Character

5.1 - First Person Archviz - Introduction

5.2 - Game Mode

5.3 - Capsule and Camera

5.5 - Run and Crouch

5.6 - Camera Shake

5.7 - Zoom

5.8 - Hitting Objects

5.9 - Auto Focus

06 - BP Lampshade

6.1 - Flip Flop, Gate and Multi-Gate

6.2 - Do N, For Loop and Operators

6.3 - Set Material and Intensity

6.4 - Creating Lampshade Blueprint

07 - First Person Interact

7.1 - Connection between blueprints

7.2 - Cast To

7.3 - Blueprint Interface

7.4 - Upgrading Lampshade Blueprint


08 - BP Play Record

8.1 - Turntable Rotation

8.2 - Arm Movement

8.3 - Play Audio

8.4 - Updating our scene


09 - BP Water Tap

9.1 - Creating Water Tap Blueprint


10 - BP Cooktop Flame

10.1 - Creating Cooktop Flame Blueprint


11 - BP LED TV

11.1 - Creating LED TV Blueprint


12 - User Interface

12.1 - User Interface / Widgets

12.2 - Design Tab

12.3 - Crosshair

12.4 - UI - Backgroud

12.5 - UI - Left Menu

12.6 - UI - Instructions and Canvas Animation

12.7 - UI - Button Animation

12.8 - UI - Text Colors

12.9 - UI - Resolution Menu

12.10 - UI - About Menu

12.11 - UI - Button Adjustments

12.12 - UI - Loading Screen

12.13 - UI - Start Events

12.14 - UI - About and Exit Events

12.15 - UI - Resolutions Events

12.15.1 - UI - Game Settings

12.15.2 - UI - DLSS Mode

12.16 - UI - Pause Menu

13 - Floating Widgets

13.1 - Floating Widgets

13.2 - Event Dispatcher

13.3 - Icon Animations


14 - BP Changing Materials

14.1 - Material Changer Blueprint

14.2 - Interactive Floating Widgets

14.3 - Color Material Changer Blueprint

14.4 - Color Asset Changer Blueprint

14.5 - Multi Material Blueprint


15 - Variant Manager

15.1 - Variant Manager


16 - BP Sun Movement

16.1 - Sun Movement Blueprint


17 - BP Mini Map

17.1 - Mini Map Part 1

17.2 - Mini Map Part 2

17.3 - Mini Map Part 3

17.4 - Mini Map Part 4

17.5 - Minimap Hotspots

17-6 - Minimap Second Floor


18 - Tips & Tricks

18.1 - Array and Each Loop

19 - Closure

19.1 - Closure

Bonuses that will complement your experience and learning.

All course blueprints

Several Assets for you to use in your projects

Exclusive Group

Immediate Acess

One year access


English and Portuguese Audio

What you will learn in the course:

We'll start from the scratch by talking about what Blueprint is and what it's for, then let's practice!


We will create Blueprints from scratch to interactive

You will create your own First Person from scratch, including interactions with objects and the Zoom and Auto Focus function
We will create interactions between Blueprints for the character to interact directly. 


Let's create Lamps, Turntables, Faucets, Stoves, TVs...All with sound, videos and motion!
We will cover custom menus, with advanced features for the UI, as well as floating menus, so that the character interacts in the scene itself!
We will have a specific chapter to talk about changing materials, changing colors and changing objects. 
You will learn how to create a Blueprint to control the sun according to the day and time, taking advantage of the new features of UE5.


We'll create a beautiful and efficient Minimap for you to include in your scenes and more!

Some testimonials from students about DVIZ.

Elliott B.

Amazing course by the way. I can't even express how much it helped and motivated me to continue learning unreal engine. many thanks!

Raphael F.

Gostei muito dessa aula! é muito legal ver vida nas coisas!

Pedro I.

Superb! Great content on this 5.7 video alone! Thanks !

Essan A.

Hello, this is great news that you will include the English version for this !!!!, you know. your tutorials became my go-to reference while I work with Unreal.!!!. I really can't thank you enough !!!. Also. the fact that you always update the courses is something | have never seen before. I wish you all the success !!!!


Learn in an easy way how to create
interactions in
Unreal Engine

This is not an Unreal Engine Course,
is a
Blueprints specialization course
for Unreal Engine.

You can create interactions in your projects
of Archviz with the power of
Blueprints, a programming
language visual for Unreal Engine.

Who is the course for?



3D artists

3D Freelancer

What is included
in the
More than 70 recorded lessons

For you to become a featured artist
in this futuristic 3D marketplace for archviz

One year access to the course

All classes will be recorded and available in the classroom for you to watch at your own pace, during the one-year access period.

Will be part of the DVIZ Community

A space for you to network,
clear up your questions and exchange experiences

English and Portuguese

Audios in English and Portuguese are
available for all classes and content
**(There are also subtitles with automatic translation for other languages)

100% on-line

You can view and review the
classes as many times as you want

Exclusive community and support

You will have an exclusive support channel to contact us,
ask questions and be helped during the course


Denis Gandra

Founder of DVIZ

Hello my friend, this is Denis Grandra, I am the Founder of DVIZ.

First I want you to know that I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge acquired in 3D over 20 years.


I started using Unreal a few years ago and I'm more and more impressed with this fantastic tool, and I can tell you, this Unreal Engine 5 course for Achviz will blow your mind! He's very special.


There are more than 90 classes where I will hold you by the hand and take you to the extraordinary!

On this journey I will prove to you that knowing 3D is not enough! You will become an expert in the Unreal Engine for Archviz and be a prominent member of this futuristic, promising and well-paying market that is 3D and prepare for the Metaverse.


We know that in this Metaverse market it won't be enough to just know 3D, you'll need to show that you really know what you're doing!

And one of the best ways to deliver this is in the experience you bring to the delivery of your projects.


I guarantee you, if you do everything that I will teach you in this course, my knowledge will be complementary to yours and your projects will be highlighted in an extraordinary way!

Welcome, see you there in the student group!


Learn in an easy way how to create
interactions in
Unreal Engine

117 USD**
3 x de US$ 41,99

Exclusive Group

Immediate Acess

One year access


English and Portuguese Audio

Do you have more questions?

What are the payment methods?
Credit Card, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and more

For how long do I have access to the course?
One year access

Do you have support for questions?
Yes, Exclusive Community and Support

Are all classes online?
All training classes are recorded and available
online only. Unable to download.

Do you have more questions?
contact us
(Service from 9 am to 6 pm - GMT-3 - Monday to Saturday)

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