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In this area, you will be able to access your courses: Unreal Engine 5, Virtual Reality (new), Bake Lighting, Marvelous and Blueprint. Good studies!

Dviz UE4 Course 

Click on the flag below to access the course version you've purchased and watch the classes

Bandeira Brasil.jpg
Bandeira Eng.jpg
Bandeira Espanha.jpg

If you purchased the classes after October 28th, 2020 don't worries, you are watching the classes in the new course platform.
But if you purchased it before October 28th, 2020 you just need to click in the flag for the language of your course and create a new password using the same email you use to access the course before.  If doesn't show you the option to create a password, type the email, click in Forgot your password and follow the instruction to create another one.
 If you are having issues to access the course contact us

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