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Create amazing projects with Bake Lighting, visually the same as Ray Tracing but much lighter!

Don't waste time with rendering, or run the risk of the client not being able to open your project because it is too heavy.

Through a very
detailed step by step you will learn this technique that is revolutionizing our market!

For only

Student area


One year of access


English audio
is Portuguese


Fully recorded using


This course is for engineers, architects and 3D artists who don't have a powerful computer, because with this technique anyone can create amazing projects in a much more optimized and lighter way and with the same final quality as a rendered project.

All classes have audio in Portuguese and English **

** Automatic translation of subtitles is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean

Unfortunately, several courses on the market are only concerned with the final look of the project. But I want to be honest with you, and say that learning only this is not going to be enough. The project ends up being extremely slow on basic computers, making it impossible for them to be presented to customers.

The good news is that you can
create amazing projects that look like ray tracing without even having a PC from another planet. For this, we decided to present you with an incredible Bake Lighting course, bringing you a simple step-by-step application that will optimize your projects while maintaining an unparalleled final quality.

There are more than 40 classes on the subject, divided into modules with downloadable support materials! All this with the power of Unreal Engine 5

With very complete modules, our Bake Lighting course will save you much more time and even position you ahead of the competition!

Check the schedule

1. Welcome
1.1    Welcome – Build
1.2    Welcome – VR
1.3    Platform and support instruction
1.4    Links, Groups, Support

2. Review and concepts
2.1    Good Practices Part 01
2.2    Good Practices Part 02
2.3    Good Practices Part 03

3. Datasmith
3.1    Introduction
3.2    Datasmith install
3.3    Export workflow


4. Unreal Engine
4.1    Engine Install
4.2    Engine Interface
4.3    Template e Project Setup
4.4    Importing project

5. CPU Build
5.1    World settings / Mobility / UVs
5.2    Importance Volume / PostProcess / HDRI
5.3    Build Scale / Lighting Bounces
5.4    UVs Lightmap resolution
5.5    Test Results / HDRI Backdrop
5.6    HDRI Backdrop Part 02
5.7    Lightmass Portals / LIV
5.8    Build result

6. Tips and tricks
6.1    Migrate / Normal
6.2    Reflect
6.3    Fix UVs
6.4    Levels

7. Unreal Modeling Tools
7.1    Ajdustment tools / Pivot
7.2    Ajdustment tools / Mapping 1x1x1
7.3    Ajdustment tools / Invert Nomal
7.4    Adjustment Tools / Polygon Reduction
7.5    Adjustment Tools / Merge actors

8.1    World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 01
8.2    World Settings- Movables Stuffs Part 02

9. GPU Lightmass
9.1    Introduction
9.2    Enabling GPUBuild
9.3    Parameters and quality
9.4    Comparing parameters
9.5    Build module closure

Advantages of using Bake Lighting in your projects:

Performance: Calculating real-time lighting for all objects in a scene can be computationally intensive. Bake lighting allows you to reduce the workload on the CPU and GPU, resulting in better performance, especially on devices with limited resources, such as consoles or mobile devices.

Visual Quality: Bake lighting can produce highly realistic and detailed visual results, as lighting is carefully calculated and optimized during the bake process. This is especially beneficial in static environments where objects and light sources don't change often.

Consistency: Baked lighting ensures that lighting in environments remains consistent across different gameplay sessions, eliminating unpredictable variations that can occur with real-time lighting.

Static environments: Bake lighting is most effective in environments where objects and lighting do not change often. In scenarios where objects are fixedly positioned and light sources do not move, bake lighting is a logical choice as there is no need to constantly recalculate lighting.

Stable shadows and reflections: Bake lighting can also create stable, realistic shadows and reflections, which can be difficult to achieve in real time, especially in areas where dynamic lighting is not practical.

Some testimonials from students about DVIZ

Elliott B.

Amazing course by the way. I can't even express how much it helped and motivated me to continue learning unreal engine. many thanks!

Raphael F.

Gostei muito dessa aula! é muito legal ver vida nas coisas!

Pedro I.

Superb! Great content on this 5.7 video alone! Thanks !

Essan A.

Hello, this is great news that you will include the English version for this !!!!, you know. your tutorials became my go-to reference while I work with Unreal.!!!. I really can't thank you enough !!!. Also. the fact that you always update the courses is something | have never seen before. I wish you all the success !!!!

Create amazing projects with Bake, visually the same as Ray Tracing but much lighter!

This is not an Unreal Engine course, it is a specialization course in Bake Lighting for Unreal Engine.

Don't waste time with rendering, or run the risk of the client not being able to open your project because it is too heavy.

The DVIZ teaching method guarantees your learning in a simple and fast way, after all it has already been validated worldwide.

Who is the course for?



3d artists

Freelance 3D

What is included
in the course?
More than 40 recorded lessons

For you to become an outstanding artist
in this futuristic 3D marketplace for archviz

One year access to the course

All classes will be recorded and available in the classroom for you to watch at your own pace, during the one-year access period.

Be part of the DVIZ Community

A space for you to network,
clear your doubts and exchange experiences

English and Portuguese

Audios in English and Portuguese are available
available for all classes and content
**(There are also subtitles with automatic translation for other languages)

100% on-line

You can view and review the
classes as many times as you want

Exclusive community and support

You will have a dedicated support channel to contact
with us, clarify doubts and be helped during the course


Denis Gandra

Founder of DVIZ

Hello my friend, this is Denis Gandra, I am the Founder of DVIZ.

First I want you to know that I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge acquired in 3D over 20 years.


I started using Unreal a few years ago and I am increasingly impressed with this fantastic tool, and I can tell you, this Bake Lighting for Achviz course will blow your mind! He is very special.


There are more than 40 classes where I will guide you through this universe, leaving your projects light and without rendering.

We know that in this Archviz market it's not enough to know just 3D, you'll need to show that you really know what you're doing! And one of the best ways to deliver this is in the experience you bring to the delivery of your projects.


I guarantee you, if you do everything I'm going to teach you in this course, my knowledge will be complementary to yours and your projects will stand out in an extraordinary way!


Welcome, see you there in the student group!


Create amazing projects with Bake Lighting, save time and win your customers!

Take advantage of this opportunity to become an expert in this technique.

For only

Student area


One year of access


English audio
is Portuguese

Common questions!

What are the forms of payment?
Credit card, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and more…

How long do I have access to the course?
One year of access

Do you have support for queries?
Yes, Exclusive Community and Support

Are all classes online?
All training classes are recorded and are
only available online. Unavailable for download.

Do you have more questions?
Contact us by email:
(Open from 9:00 to 18:00 - GMT-3 - from Monday to Saturday)

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