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Welcome to the Virtual Reality Course for Archviz.

Would you like to offer your clients a new and amazing experience when presenting your project?

Are you ready for the Metaverse and for the new opportunities that this technology will bring in the future?

All classes has English and Portuguese Audio **

** Automatic translation is available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Bulgarian


The course consists of 25 videos divided into 9 modules, totaling approximately 9 hours of content! All planned for you to learn everything you need to know to adapt your project, which is already in Unreal Engine, to present it using Virtual Reality Headsets!

Watch below the project file we used to create the VR scene and that

will be included in the course


If you already work in Unreal Engine and always wanted to run your projects using VR headsets, this course was made to you!

You probably know that scenes made to VR needs to have a lot of special configurations to run well in the VR Device, don't you? Which kind of asset you should use? Which set up you need to do? What's the device limitations? How to package? What hardware do you need to have?

Thinking about that, we decide to create this course to teach you how to prepare, optimize and package the file to be possible to create an amazing experience in Virtual Reality!


What you will learn in the course

We’ll talk about the types of VR Headsets available today and what are the differences between then. You’ll see how to analyse your scene and how to optimize it to reach in a good balance between quality and performance.

You’ll also see how to install all the apps you need to have to work with the device and what kind of Unreal configs you need to made to convert your scene into a VR scene.

Furthermore we’ll show how to create VR Menus and Blueprints to play using the Oculus and how to build your scene specifically to VR presentation. You’ll also see how to set up your character to be controlled by Thumstick and by Teleportation. 

And finally how to package your project and how to install it in the Oculus, for both PCVR and Standalone. All the video tutorials was recorded using UE 4.26 and 4.27.

Check it out the course Schedule

  • 05 - Build Lighting 

    • 5.1 - Set up Scene for Build Lighting

  • 06 - PCVR Package UE 4.26

    • 6.1 - Set up Scene for PCVR Package 

  • 07 - Standalone Package

    • 7.1 - Install Apps and Set up Scene for Standalone Package

    • 7.2 - Install APK by Side Quest and Mobile Limitations

  • 08 - Bonus Classes

    • 8.1 - Improving Quality for PCVR

    • 8.2 - Walk Using Thumbstick

    • 8.3 - Open Simple Doors using VR Hand

    • 8.4 - Open Sliding Doors and Drawers using VR Hand

    • 8.5 - New Features in 4.27

  • 09 - Conclusion

    • 9.1 - Conclusion

  • 01 - Introduction

    • 1.1 - Welcome

    • 1.2 - Presentation Course

    • 1.3 - VR Devices

  • 02 - VR Optimization

    • 2.1 - Performance Indicators

    • 2.2 - Triangle Analysis

    • 2.3 - Replace Grass and Merge Actors

    • 2.4 - Occlusion Culling 

    • 2.5 - Materials and Textures

  • 03 - Set up scene for VR

    • 3.1 - Install Oculus Quest App and Create VR Template

    • 3.2 - Migrate to Template and Add Nav Mesh

    • 3.3 - Project Settings for VR

  • 04 - VR Basic Blueprints

    • 4.1 - Change Materials by VR Menu

    • 4.2 - Attach Menu to Hand and Turn On/Off Lights by Button

    • 4.3 - Pick Up Objects and Turn On/Off lights by Menu

    • 4.4 - Pause for Breath and Comments

What is included in the course

English and  Portuguese

English and Portuguese audio are available for all the classes and content.

100% online

The great advantage of an online course is this. You can view and review classes as often as you like. Besides not depending on anyone's schedule to start.

Exclusive Members Area

You will watch the classes on a platform entirely designed to offer all the resources you need to focus on your learning.

Watch it anytime you want

I know your routine is busy. So you can watch the course in your spare time. Just log in, grab a coffee and apply when you can.

Download Files

You can download all the files that you will need to follow the classes. 

Ask your questions

You will have a support channel to contact us If you have any questions about the content. 

This is what you will receive when you
sign up for Virtual Reality Course for Achviz TODAY:

Access to 25 classes - Lifetime access

Direct support  for 6 months.

01 Complete Finished VR Scene

Several Assets to use in other projects


Special Price!



** Dviz Student has a Special Discount!!!

Get the price offer within the course you are already enrolled in or the discount coupon in the exclusive Facebook Group from Dviz Students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods?

Credit Card, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and more

For how long do I have access to the course?

Lifetime access

Do you have support for questions?

Yes, you will have dedicated support to your questions for 6 months.

Are all classes online?

All training classes are recorded and available online only. Unable to download.

Can I use UE5 to follow the course?

No, VR is not compatible with UE5 yet.

Do you have more questions?

Contact us

(Service from 9am to 6pm - GMT-3 - Monday to Saturday)

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