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Learn to master one of the most powerful software in the world to CREATE CINEMATOGRAPHIC quality FABRICS and conquer the financial, geographic and time freedom you've always dreamed of!

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• Compatible with most 3D software on the market
 Unreal Engine • Sketchup •  Revit • Cinema 4d • 3DS Max • Blender


The more complex the fabrics,

the more time you save by using Marvelous Designer for Archviz.

A lot of  famous national and international brands in the market of architecture, games, movies, design and  fashion shows use MARVELOUS DESIGNER.



Exclusive Group

Immediate Acess

One year access


English and Portuguese Audio

The market for experts in Marvelous Designer for Archviz is an important part of  3D market, which is one of the most promising markets today and one of the highest paying!

Full recorded using

Marvelous designer


Did you know?

It is possible to export from Marvelous to many 3D software on the market,... including UNREAL ENGINE!!!

This course will show you, 3D Artist or Architect, what you need to know about Marvelous Designer to further enhance your architectural presentations, bringing interactivity to them! Including exporting to Unreal Engine.

All classes have Audio in Portuguese and English **

** Automatic subtitle translation is also available in the following languages: Spanish,

French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean

For whom Mavelous Designer

for Archviz is:

- Professionals with difficulties in making fabrics, curtains, blankets, comforters, pillows, sheets, cushions, blankets...all with natural movement without losing quality.


- 3D professionals who want to stand out in the market


- Artists who have difficulty creating realistic and detailed fabrics.


- Artists who move fabric with wind or collision objects in a natural way ​


- Archviz professional who wants to differentiate himself in the 3D market

- Artists who want to give life and movement to their projects.


- Professionals who use the Unreal Engine and want to make beautiful and fully animated scenes


- For the Archviz professional who wants to achieve greater results


- For professionals who want to make their own designs, or even a film production with ease.


- For professionals who want to make their own models and who want to diversify their income by selling them on Marketplaces


The course has over 16 hours of content, no filler or fluff! Divided into 12 modules with the step by step created to promote the best for your learning. Even if you have ZERO experience in animation or fabrics, I will introduce you to each button of the software and teach you how to think strategically to become an expert in this tool for fabrics in Archviz.

Bonuses that will complement
your experience and learning.

4 Amazing Scenes for Download

Exclusive group

Imediate Access

One year access

Exclusive dviz support

English and Portuguese audio

01 – Preparing the Workflow

  1. Preparing files for submission to Marvelous

  2. Exporting correctly to Marvelous


02 – Program and Interface

  1. Getting to know the website and the market.

  2. Downloading Marvelous

  3. Interface

  4. 2D Window – Understanding the Creation Area

  5. 3D Window – Viewing the Model

  6. Editor Properties

  7. seams


03 – Import

  1. Importando Assets


04 -First creations

  1. Rectangular fabrics

  2. Round Fabrics

  3. Blankets

  4. Pillows and Blankets

05 – Detailed bedding and fabrics

  1. Simple sheet and concepts

  2. Detailed sheet

  3. Pillows Part 1

  4. Pillows Part 2

  5. Duvet part 01 - Simple

  6. Adding details

  7. Duvet part 02 - Sophisticating the model

  8. Complex Blankets

  9. Sculpt tool (Adding details) - Timelapse

  10. Exercises and Analysis


06 – Exporting Correctly

  1. Export to other software

  2. Correct way of exporting to use IDs


07 -  Curtains

  1. Curtain 01 - Simple with barred

  2. Curtain 02 - Rail curtains

  3. Curtain 03 – Variations and classic

  4. Curtain 04 - Holes and folds

  5. Curtain 05 - Theater

08 - Optimization

  1. Model Optimization ( Polygon Reduction)

09 - Animation

  1. Understanding the Parameters

  2. Animating Curtain and Collisions

  3. Variations of Animations

  4. Importing animations and interacting

  5. Exporting Animations (Alembic)

  6. Beautiful complex animation!


10 – Detailed Models

  1. Modeling Enhancement (Details) Part 01

  2. Modeling Husk Chair Part 01

  3. Modeling Husk Chair Part 02

11 - Export in FBX

  1. Export Animations (FBX and Point Cache)

12 - Exporting

  1. For Unreal Engine.


13 -Closing

In this course, we used the Marvelous Designer. This is an awesome tool used to create character outfits but also a powerful tool for working in Archviz.


We will learn how to model the fabrics of a bed from scratch. Like sheets, pillows, blankets and comforters… And you know the most interesting thing? We were able to make folds, drag the fabric, all in real time! Details that are much more complex to reproduce in other software.


We will learn to develop curtains and animate them (Seeing the physically correct  fabric movement is really impressive!). And the amazing thing is that we can export these animations to other software, such as 3DS Max and Unreal Engine.


In addition, we learned how to optimize some fabrics so that your modeling is not too heavy and you can work in other software more lightly.


Within Marvelous we will learn to work respecting the limits of each computer, controlling parameters to make it lighter, changing quality according to the needs of each user.

Unreal Engine scenes
included to you download

Cópia de Unreal_Engine_Logo.svg.png
Some testimonials from students about DVIZ.

Lucas F.

Cara tenho um testemunho incrível !! Comprei seu curso mais ou menos na época que vc lançou, mudou o jogo pra mim cara hj trabalho em um escritório de arquitetura aqui do Brasil, como especialista em unreal tem sido um tempo maravilhoso!!

Amira C.

Hey denis, I just wanted to thank you so much for that course,it's incredible it's worth much more you're an awesome teacher and artist, surely I'm already on class 13, won't get your graphic result, as I only have gtx1060 but I learned a lot and will surely  recommend it for my friends!

Mindows S.

Dviz ajudou bastante na minha visão de 3D, aprender Unreal foi como transcender os meus projetos. Consegui um grande trabalho com o Standard Bank graças a estes conhecimentos. De momento estou focado em fazer projetos de amostra para infestar e dominar o mercado. Como sempre digo "Dviz é qualidade" e nunca dececiona.

Luciano D.

I think you are the pioneers of proffessional archviz education in Unreal. Now my company makes a lot of 3dsmax/corona static rendering but future is the interactivity. After Dviz training we are ready to make it and first opinions about new media are entusiasthic. In scope of future 1 hour of UE education is more valuable than 10 hours of static rendering training.

+ 16 hours

of content... Videos with Portuguese and English audio

Who is the course for?



3d artists

3D freelancer

What is included
in the
Over than 43 recorded lessons

For you to become a featured artist in this
futuristic 3D marketplace for archviz

One year access to the course

All classes will be recorded and available in the classroom for you to watch at your own pace, during the one-year access period.

Will be part of the Dviz community

A place for you to network, clear up your
questions and exchange experiences

English and Portuguese

Audios in English and Portuguese
are available for all classes and content
**(There are also subtitles with automatic translation for other languages)

100% on-line

You can view and review lessons as
many times as you like.

Exclusive community and support

You will have an exclusive support channel to contact us,
ask questions and be helped during the course

An amazing software

for making fabrics !!


Denis Gandra

Founder of DVIZ

Hello my friend, this is Denis Grandra, I am the Founder of DVIZ.

First I want you to know that I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge acquired in 3D over 20 years.


I started using Unreal a few years ago and I'm more and more impressed with this fantastic tool, and I can tell you, this Unreal Engine 5 course for Achviz will blow your mind! He's very special.


There are more than 90 classes where I will hold you by the hand and take you to the extraordinary!

On this journey I will prove to you that knowing 3D is not enough! You will become an expert in the Unreal Engine for Archviz and be a prominent member of this futuristic, promising and well-paying market that is 3D and prepare for the Metaverse.


We know that in this Metaverse market it won't be enough to just know 3D, you'll need to show that you really know what you're doing!

And one of the best ways to deliver this is in the experience you bring to the delivery of your projects.


I guarantee you, if you do everything that I will teach you in this course, my knowledge will be complementary to yours and your projects will be highlighted in an extraordinary way!

Welcome, see you there in the student group!


3 x de 41.99 USD

117 USD**


Exclusive Group

Immediate Acess

One year access


English and Portuguese Audio

Common questions!

What are the payment methods?
Credit Card, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and more

How long do I have access to the course?
One year access

Do you have support for questions?
Yes, Exclusive Community and Support

Are all classes online?
All training classes are recorded and available
online only. Unavailable for download.

Do you have more questions?
contact us
(Service from 9 am to 6 pm - GMT-3 - Monday to Saturday)

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