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Dviz UE4 Photo Realism Course 

Discover the Amazing Course of Photo Realism using Unreal Engine 4

by Dviz UE4 Assets & Learning (English Subtitles and Spanish)

You will learn all the process to create a really amazing scenes inside Unreal in Real Time.

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Dviz Unreal Engine 4 Course


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Discover the Amazing Course of UE4 using Unreal Engine 

by Dviz UE Assets & Learning (English Subtitles and Spanish**)

You will learn all the process to create a really amazing scenes inside Unreal in Real Time (UE4 and UE5)

** Automatic translation is also available in the following languages: French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic

Learn Unreal Engine 4 

1 type of Lighting System Included:

Build System


Hello my friend! My name is Denis Gandra, from Dviz.

 I'm a 3D Artist with over 20 years of experience creating 3D scenes using several 3d softwares. 


I started to use Unreal some years ago and I am more and more impressed with this fantastic tool, look below what I've already managed to do with it...

** Some advanced blueprints in the above video are not included in this course. See the course schedule

Unreal is an amazing tool which helps us a lot when we are talking about ArchViz, it is the Future!! This techonology is growing fast and the possibilities to present Archviz projects will be really really incredible in the next years,... or months,... or days!!!

3D artists who work with ArchViz are starting to know this amazing tool and they are chasing knowledge about it quickly to not lose their place in the market.

I remember the time nobody used 3D softwares to present external or internal projects, guys did it by hand! And they were the masters!! So when the 3D technology came they started to lose place in the market, I know a lot of guys who haven't been able to learn how to use the the new 3D tool and didn't find any jobs in a couple of years. When Vray came, the same thing happened, a couple years ago those who didn't know how to use Vray/Corona didn't find any jobs in ArchViz. And today we need to do realistic static scenes in Vray/Corona to stand out in the market!

So who knows how the future will be? Maybe nobody wants only static scenes anymore, maybe people will want a virtual walkthrough as well! If you already learned how to do a virtual walkthrough, maybe you will need to do it in a realistic way as well, will need to create interactions, will need to create menus... who knows?

Thinking about it and after all these years researching and studying a lot of techniques to create amazing and realistics scenes, I've found an amazing workflow to follow, step by step, when I want to achieve incredible results in Archviz!!

See below the results I achieved using these techniques:

When I shared these results with the Unreal Archiviz community, I had great recognition from the community. And I received a lot of comments asking me how to do that, how to illuminate, how to set the materials, how to pack the scene, how to optimize it....

So I've decided to create a course, which resulted in

Dviz Unreal Engine 4 Course 

I released it earlier this year, 2020, and it was a big success!!

There are a lot of 3D artists learning these techniques and they are achieving excellent results.

See what the students are saying about the Dviz course...


The course has almost 30 hours of straightforward content, addressing the details, concepts and fundamentals (theory + technique) of realistic lighting, camera, materials,... And all the classes have English and Spanish subtitles!

Check it out the course Schedule

*01- File preparation to send to Unreal Engine 

        Concepts and good practices in modeling software

        Right Unit Setup

        Organization and nomenclature

        UV Mapping 1x1

        Material ID, Textures and Standard Materials

        Creation of UV Channels (Good practices for opening channel 2 mesh correctly)

        Opening channel 2 mesh using many options (3dsmax, Scripts, Plugins and Zbrush)

        How to adjust and correct pivots

        FBX Export

        Exporting using Datasmith

*02- Unreal – First Steps

        Install Unreal Engine

        Creating and understanding the new project: Paths, Folders, Blank Level, First Person…

        How to work in an organized way

        FBX Import

        Folders organize

        Setting the models nomenclature, textures and materials

        Checking the UVS and indexers

*03- Building the scene in Unreal Engine 4

        Creating our study scene

        Creating folders, layers…

        Distributing Objects, Positioning and studying good practices in UE4

        Understanding the Pivots and adjusting its position

        First lighting test

*04- Using CPU Build

        Inserting and understanding important actors in UE4

        Post Process Volume

        Lightmass Importance Volume

        Testing, analyzing and understanding the CPU Build settings

        Understanding the World Settings parameters to control the Build time

        Increasing CPU Build quality

*05- Using GPU Build (GPU Lightmass)

        How to download and install GPU Lightmass

        How to increase the quality and adjust the Build time using GPU Lightmass

        Choosing and understanding the type of light mobility (Static, Stationary and Movable)

        How to adjust and improve the internal lighting propagation of the scene

        How to adjust and increase quality of the scene object shadows

        *Important: GPU Lightmass uses CUDA CORES ( only GPU – Nvidia )

        *Important: We recommend GTX 1060 6Gb or higher for the best use of the course using GPU Lightmass

*06- Lighting Part 1 – How to create a realistic lighting to the Scene, both outside and inside the house, in the Same File

        Realistic lighting fundamentals

        Light, Shadow, Bounces, Perception…

        How to find the Correct lighting source

        Exercises to test different lighting sources

        How to adjust and compensate the lack of light in some areas

        How to improve and propagate the light inside the house

        Adjusting the Lightmap density

*07- Creation of realistic materials - Part 1

        How to create, adjust and understand the parameters of realistic

        Improving the appearance and quality of materials

        Improving Scene Reflections

*08- Creation and analyze complex materials

        In this class we will analyze, understand and create complex materials

        Creation of Realistic Concrete Materials, Wood, Glass, Metal, Fabric, Plastic…

*09- Migrate

        How to migrate, Copy and correctly  transfer the files between projects.

        In this class you will be awarded the assets of the Palm Tree Pack

        In this class you will be awarded the assets of the Plants and Grass Pack 02

*10- Setting and refining the lighting

        In this class we will distribute the new assets we got

        How to refine the light using realism resources

        Corrections, compensations and adjustments necessary for realism

*11- Foliage Tool. Dynamic light and grass distribution

        Understanding Foliage Tool

        How to distribute grass and vegetations in a natural and realist way

        Setting the dynamic light

*12- How to make Build of big projects using GPU Lightmass

        In this class we will talk about good strategies to solve “out of memory” 

        In this class we will create a great strategy to reduce the build time of big projects

        How to remake Build of only specific objects without needing to make the Build of entire scene

        Exercises to train the concepts

*13- Setting and refining the lighting

        Resolution and Analysis of the Class Exercise 12

        Explanation of how to solve the 2GB limitation for the "build data" file

*14- Scene Optimization

        How to optimize the scene using LODs (Level of Details)

        How to find, adjust and optimize the right size of each texture

        How to optimize the grass using the Cull Distance of Foliage Tool

*15- Complementary adjustments in the light and refining the Project

        How to Insert Artificial Lights Without Re-Building

        Insertion of Spots, IES, Point Light ...

        How to Adjust the Post Process and Improve the Whole Scene

        How to insert the First-Person navigation

        How to render Screenshots in extremely high resolutions

        How to insert Collisions and Locks in our Scene

*16- Complementary adjustments in light and refining the Project

        How to Insert Landscaping in Large Project Areas and Build Using the GPU

        Adjusting and finalizing the Pool area

        Detailing the living room and Materials

        Assembling and Finishing the Bedroom

        How to use Concepts of Photography in the Scene (DOF, ISO, Aperture)

        Making Considerations, giving tips and Final Adjustments of the Project

*17- Packaging the Project 

        How to generate the project's executable file to present in real time on the computer

*18- Good Practice Checklist

*Bonus 01 - Extra contents

        SEQUENCE - Creating Videos, Animations, and Exporting Final Video using "Sequence"


*Bonus 02 - Scenography Project 

        Preparation of files and strategies in 3dsmax to create Scenography / Stands projects

        Inserting Videos in Materials and Led Panel

        Animating Lighting, Objects and Finishing the Scenography.

*Bonus 03 - Menus ans Interactions - Blueprints

        Adding Interactions: Opening doors, exchanging lights, simple material changing and simple widgets. 

* Bonus 04 - K-House

        Free complete e amazing scene. Check it out!

* Bonus 05 - Lighting Studio

        Free Studio with lighting and scenario to you test your own models


* Bonus 06 - UNREAL ENGINE 5 - Updating to UE5, Lumen lighting, Nanite and Good Practices

* Bonus 07 - UE 4.27 - Path Tracer 

* Bonus 08 - NVIDIA/AMD 360º Render 


What is included in the course

English/Spanish Version

English and Spanish subtitles are available for all the classes and content.

100% online

The great advantage of an online course is this. You can view and review classes as often as you like. Besides not depending on anyone's schedule to start.

Exclusive Members Area

You will watch the classes on a platform entirely designed to offer all the resources you need to focus on your learning.

Watch it anytime you want

I know your routine is busy. So you can watch the course in your spare time. Just log in, grab a coffee and apply when you can.

Download Files

You can download all the files that you will need to follow the classes. 3D files, Unreal files, Assets, Textures, Scenes...

Ask your questions

You will have a support channel to contact us If you have any questions about the content. 

You will be awarded Special Gits!

Dviz classes alone would be more than enough for you to have an amazing results.

But, I decided to add these bonuses that will complement your experience and learning.

03 Complete Finished Scenes with lighting, materials, assets, optimizations... so you can see all the course techniques applied

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 09.58.23 (1
Image 01.jpg

All the assets you find in the scenes are yours to use anyway you want. Furnitures, Decorative Items, High Resolution Textures,...

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 10.01.03 (3
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 09.58.24 (3
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at

Several Dviz Assets to use in any other projects you want,

  • Grass

  • Plants

  • Trees

  • Palm Trees...

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 09.45.05 (1
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 10.01.02 (3

When you sum
everything up you will have access to the value would be

This is what you will receive when you
sign up for Dviz UE4 Photo Realism Course TODAY:

Access to over 80 classes - Lifetime access

Direct support  for 6 months.

03 Complete Finished Scenes

Several Assets to use in other projects

Several Dviz Assets

Special Offer!!



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods?

Credit Card, Paypal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and more

For how long do I have access to the course?

Lifetime access

Do you have support for questions?

Yes, you will have dedicated support to your questions for 6 months.

Are all classes online?

All training classes are recorded and available online only. Unable to download.

Will I get Dviz foliage assets?

Yes, you will get over 100 Dviz assets

Do you have more questions?

Contact us by Email or Messenger

(Service from 9am to 6pm - GMT-3 - Monday to Saturday)

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