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Master the Art of 3D Modeling in 60 Days with 3DS Max.

With over 200 practical lessons, you will learn to model a project from SCRATCH using the Inside Machine3D Method!

The perfect course to connect new artists to the 3D market. Transform your creative potential into marketable skills, without needing a NASA-grade computer, learning from the basics to advanced levels.

Special Offer!

From: US$ 117 for just US$ 58


• Are you looking to start a promising career in 3D modeling?
• Do you feel a lack of specialized guidance to enter the 3D market?
• Want to learn 3D modeling but don't know where to start?
• Looking for a professional network that can boost your career?
• Wish to learn in a practical and applicable way, without wasting time on unnecessary theories?
• Are you considering a career transition?

Isn't it true that these questions have

crossed your mind before, right?
Many believe that 3D modeling is only for tech experts, but our Inside Machine 3D method was created to transform even those who have never opened the program into professionals qualified to explore the 3D market!


The course is entirely recorded using 3Ds Max,

The most widely used modeling software in the world!

All lessons include audio in English and Portuguese.*

*Automatic subtitle translation is also available in the following languages:

Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Korean.

Who is the 3Ds Max Modeling for Archviz course intended for?

• For beginners:

If you want to enter this market and know nothing yet, this course is ideal for you. We teach from ZERO to ADVANCED, ensuring your geographical freedom!


• Architects and Designers:

Develop 3D modeling and visualization skills.


• Architecture and Design Students: Prepare for the job market by acquiring practical knowledge in 3D design.


• Construction Professionals:

Improve the ability to communicate project ideas and collaborate effectively with architecture teams.


• 3D Artists and Modelers:

Specialize in architectural modeling and expand your creative opportunities.


• Architectural Visualization Professionals:

Enhance your skills and stand out in the competitive architectural visualization market.

The course features over 75 HOURS of content, with no filler everything is hands-on!

It includes 18 modules with a step-by-step approach designed to optimize your learning experience. Even if you have ZERO experience with the program, I will introduce you to each button of the software and teach you how to think strategically to become an expert in this incredible tool, 3Ds Max.

01 – Educational/Installation

  1. Educational Access

  2. How to buy 3DS MAX Cheaper

  3. Installation, Opening, and Customization of 3ds Max


02 – Modifiers

  1. Modifier Panel

  2. Renaming Modifiers

2.1 – Explaining Modifiers

  1. ARRAY

  2. BEND



  5. FFD

  6. LATHE




  10. NOISE

  11. NORMAL




  15. PUSH





  20. SHELL


  22. SLICE



  25. SWEEP



  28. UVW MAP



03 – Scripts

  1. Custom Script Toolbar Creation PT1

  2. Custom Script Toolbar Creation PT2

  3. Custom Script Toolbar Creation PT3

  4. Custom Script Toolbar Creation PT4

3.1 – Explaining Script


  2. MR._CLEAN



4.0 – Tools

  1. Backup ENU 3ds max

  2. Snap Move, Snap Rotate e Scale

  3. Custom Hotkeys

  4. Units of Measurement

5.0 – Structural Modeling

  1. Floor Plan Reference

  2. Elevation Reference

  3. Walls and Extrude Shapes

  4. Tape tool measure and selection lock toggle

  5. Axis x viewport

  6. Chamfer settings and angled wall

  7. Edge constrants

  8. Make planar

  9. Command cap and curved wall

6.0 – Modeling Frames and doors

  1. Miter saw with 3 blades

  2. Modeling of the rail PT1

  3. Modeling of the rail PT2

  4. Door leaf modified sweep

  5. Glass and finishing with chamfer and crease

  6. Editing and positioning door pannels

  7. Hiding selection

  8. Editing miter

  9. Locking the X, Y, and Z axes with hotkeys

  10. Reset XForm, Normal and Mesh Cleaner Modifier

  11. Positioning mitered edges

  12. Modeling Swing Door in glass PT1

  13. Modeling Swing Door in glass PT2

  14. Glass door handle and Symmetry modifier

  15. Door frame

  16. Door lock and door handle

  17. Positioning Mirror Doors by Axes

  18. Layer explorer

  19. Adding missing mitered edge

  20. Creating a single-leaf glass door

  21. Modeling with splines

  22. QuickSlice, extracting shape

  23. Front sidewalk, Array

  24. Hiding geometries x Hiding shapes

07 – Woodwork

  1. Closet - creating the base

  2. Positioning objects: Taper measure tool

  3. Spacing Tool

  4. Detailing closet doors

  5. Placing glass in the doors and using AutoGrid

  6. Drawers and Chamfer finishing

  7. Wardrobe with sliding doors

  8. Rail and wheels

  9. Fit wheels and door

  10. Finishing

  11. Collect Asset: transform one model into another

  12. Drawers

  13. Built-in drawer and mirror

  14. Kitchen cabinet: modeling with image

  15. Kitchen cabinet and finishing

  16. Kitchen island - base and countertop

  17. Kitchen island - shelves and doors

  18. Kitchen island - sink basin

  19. Kitchen island - sink drain

  20. Kitchen island - finishing

  21. Kitchen island - faucet PT1

  22. Kitchen island - faucet PT2

  23. Kitchen island - faucet PT3

  24. Cabinet with shelf

  25. Cabinet handles PT1

  26. Cabinet handles PT2

  27. Cabinet handles PT3

  28. Cabinet handles PT4

08 – Pool

  1. Terrain, deck, base

  2. Pool lining

  3. Pool finish

  4. Water

  5. Stairs

09 – Walls

  1. Wall cladding at an angle

  2. Internal wall cladding

  3. Cladding on walls with doors

  4. Standardizing finishes and cabinets PT1

  5. Standardizing finishes and cabinets PT2

  6. Adjusting glass and wooden doors

  7. Correcting wall by frame

  8. Cladding on a curved wall

09 – Slab / Lining / Floor

  1. Editing slab

  2. Finishing and cladding

  3. Cove and cuts for lighting installation

  4. Inspection and Adjustments

  5. Extracting shape to accommodate the floor generator

  6. Adjusting frames, doors, and cabinets

  7. Thresholds, wall adjustments and wall creation

11 – Luminaire Modeling

  1. Spotlights, modeling, and distribution

  2. Roof ventilator, structural review

  3. Tubular fixture, kitchen island PT1

  4. Tubular fixture, kitchen island PT2

  5. Tubular fixture, kitchen island PT3

  6. Tubular fixture, kitchen island PT4

  7. Sconces, 3ds max crashing PT1

  8. Sconces, 3ds max crashing PT2

  9. Pool area PT1

  10. Pool area PT2

12 – Luminaire Modeling

  1. Subdivide modifier, Retropology and Freeform

  2. Working with lines for terrain creation

  3. Trick for uneven floors and terrain

13 – Mapping and Materials

  1. Introduction to Unwrap UVW

  2. Map Scaler OSM

  3. Combining UVW map with Unwrap UVW

  4. Wall sconces, tube luminaire

  5. Important tip: Multi/Sub-Object material

  6. Unwrap UVW and Cabinet ID Separation

  7. Unwrap UVW and Cabinet ID Separation 2 - 3 doors

  8. Unwrap UVW, Cabinet ID Separation 4 doors

  9. Unwrap UVW Kitchen island

  10. Unwrap UVW Kitchen island and wooden doors

  11. Unwrap UVW floor, ground, and pool

  12. Unwrap UVW stairs

  13. Unwrap UVW window frames

  14. Unwrap UVW wall cladding PT1

  15. Unwrap UVW wall cladding PT2

  16. Unwrap UVW wall cladding PT3

  17. Adding materials to the remaining objects PT1

  18. Adjusting facade floor with Conform

  19. Adjusting facade floor with Conform

  20. Adjusting facade floor with Conform

  21. Adjusting facade floor and pool area material

  22. Spotlights

  23. Tube luminaire, Sconces, Cladding on curved wall

  24. Mapping and materials P_12 / Recessed door

14 – Organization

  1. Interative Universal Rename PT1

  2. Interative Universal Rename PT2

15 – Riba Lattoog Sofa Modeling

  1. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_01

  2. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_02

  3. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_03

  4. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_04

  5. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_05

  6. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_06

  7. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_07

  8. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_08

  9. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_09

  10. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_10

  11. Sofa_Riba_Lattoog_P_11

16 – Revisions and adjustments

  1. Mr.Clean, Zorb, Wire Colour Tools and Collect Aasset

  2. Mesh optimization and Unwrap UVW mapping

  3. Added details and corrected mapping

  4. Mesh optimization and Unwrap UVW mapping

  5. Retopologizing toilet

  6. Retopologizing toilet

  7. Retopology toilet cover

  8. Improving geometry with the Loop Tools tool

  9. Lathe modifier

  10. Finishing and Mapping

  11. Modeling a coffee table

  12. Checking leather and wood mapping

  13. Optimizing, reconstructing, and mapping parts

  14. Optimizing, reconstructing, and mapping parts

  15. Optimizing, reconstructing, and mapping parts

  16. Optimizing, reconstructing, and mapping parts

  17. Finalizing the model

  18. Optimization, mapping, and materials

  19. Mapping and material reduction

  20. Mapping and material reduction

  21. Correction, mapping, and material

17 – Export

  1. Importing and placing models in the scene

  2. Exporting assets to UE and more

  3. Exporting house to FBX and more

18 – Bonus

  1. Importing DWG file

  2. Modeling walls

  3. Roof base and subfloor

  4. Covering

  5. Terrain

This structure provides a clear journey of learning and growth, designed to prepare students for the real demands of the 3D modeling and architectural visualization industry.

Bonuses that will complement
your experience and learning.

Piano House
Complete Project


In this course, you will learn from scratch how to model this beautiful house, the "PIANO HOUSE" which was designed by LINE architects.
**We will use real photos as references and a floor plan of the house itself.**

Course materials for 3Ds Max  included via download

Some testimonials from students about DVIZ.

Lucas F.

Cara tenho um testemunho incrível !! Comprei seu curso mais ou menos na época que vc lançou, mudou o jogo pra mim cara hj trabalho em um escritório de arquitetura aqui do Brasil, como especialista em unreal tem sido um tempo maravilhoso!!

Amira C.

Hey denis, I just wanted to thank you so much for that course,it's incredible it's worth much more you're an awesome teacher and artist, surely I'm already on class 13, won't get your graphic result, as I only have gtx1060 but I learned a lot and will surely  recommend it for my friends!

Mindows S.

Dviz ajudou bastante na minha visão de 3D, aprender Unreal foi como transcender os meus projetos. Consegui um grande trabalho com o Standard Bank graças a estes conhecimentos. De momento estou focado em fazer projetos de amostra para infestar e dominar o mercado. Como sempre digo "Dviz é qualidade" e nunca dececiona.

Luciano D.

I think you are the pioneers of proffessional archviz education in Unreal. Now my company makes a lot of 3dsmax/corona static rendering but future is the interactivity. After Dviz training we are ready to make it and first opinions about new media are entusiasthic. In scope of future 1 hour of UE education is more valuable than 10 hours of static rendering training.

+ 75 hours

of content... Classes with audio in Portuguese and English

Who is the course for?



3D artists


What is Included
in the Course?
Practical Lessons from Beginner to Advanced

The course offers not just theory but practical exercises that simulate real-world 3D modeling challenges, truly preparing you for the job.

Continuous Support

Questions during or after the course? Our exclusive support and access to the instructor ensure that you are never left without answers.

Engaged Community

Join an exclusive community of students from all over the world, exchanging experiences and expanding your networking circle.

Total Flexibility

Lifetime access to the lessons allows you to learn at your own pace, revisiting content as needed without pressure.

Supplementary Material
+ Bonuses

In addition to the lessons, we offer support materials and additional resources for download that enhance learning.

Piano House Scene - Complete Project
A complete and finished scene for you to access and study in practice.

All lessons feature audio in English and Portuguese.*

*Automatic subtitle translation is also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, and Korean.

An incredible program for creating projects!


3D Modeling Specialist

My journey began at the age of 16, working in advertising. I started exploring graphic design and eventually dove into the world of 3D modeling with 3Ds Max in 2010.


I have worked professionally in modeling 3D assets, developing unique techniques. After launching my course in 2020, my work gained recognition in the 3D community.


My journey involved nights of study and sacrifices, but with the support of my family, I developed techniques that simplify modeling.


My goal is to fill the gap in quality content in the 3D market, empowering students to understand challenges and solutions.


I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. Welcome to the exciting journey of 3D modeling!


Are you ready to model the Future Together?! See you there in the student group!


Special Offer!

From: US$ 117 for
just US$ 58

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment methods?
Credit card, PayPal, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and many more...

What are the necessary equipment specifications to follow the course?
• Minimum PC requirements:
- Processor: Intel i-7 family or higher, Ryzen 5 or higher
- 16 GB of RAM
• Recommended specifications:
- Processor: Intel i-9 or similar, Ryzen 7 or higher
- 32-64 GB of RAM or more

How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access.

Do you provide support for questions?
Yes, exclusive community and support.

Are all the classes online?
All training classes are recorded and available online only on the exclusive dviz platform/member area. They are not available for download.

Do you have more questions?
Contact us:
(Hours of operation from 9 AM to 6 PM - (GMT-3) - Monday to Saturday)

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