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( The videos of the classes have audio in Portuguese and subtitles in English / Spanish )

There are over 30 straightforward content, addressing the details, concepts and fundamentals (theory + technique) of realistic lighting, camera, materials, Build settings using CPU and GPU Lightmass.

We will approach from the 3Dsmax file preparation process (but there is no problem if you use this concepts in other 3D software), the developing and challenges, to the final project packaging process, ready to execute it in real time. All of this will help you to develop quickly commercial works and with photo-realistic quality inside the Unreal Engine 4.



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*01- File preparation to send to Unreal Engine 

        Concepts and good practices in modeling software

        Right Unit Setup

        Organization and nomenclature

        UV Mapping 1x1

        Material ID, Textures and Standard Materials

        Creation of UV Channels (Good practices for opening channel 2 mesh correctly)

        Opening channel 2 mesh using many options (3dsmax, Scripts, Plugins and Zbrush)

        How to adjust and correct pivots

        FBX Export

        Exporting using Datasmith

*02- Unreal – First Steps

        Install Unreal Engine

        Creating and understanding the new project: Paths, Folders, Blank Level, First Person…

        How to work in an organized way

        FBX Import

        Folders organize

        Setting the models nomenclature, textures and materials

        Checking the UVS and indexers

*03- Building the scene in Unreal Engine 4

        Creating our study scene

        Creating folders, layers…

        Distributing Objects, Positioning and studying good practices in UE4

        Understanding the Pivots and adjusting its position

        First lighting test


*04- Using CPU Build

        Inserting and understanding important actors in UE4

        Post Process Volume

        Lightmass Importance Volume

        Testing, analyzing and understanding the CPU Build settings

        Understanding the World Settings parameters to control the Build time

        Increasing CPU Build quality

*05- Using GPU Build (GPU Lightmass)

        How to download and install GPU Lightmass

        How to increase the quality and adjust the Build time using GPU Lightmass

        Choosing and understanding the type of light mobility (Static, Stationary and Movable)

        How to adjust and improve the internal lighting propagation of the scene

        How to adjust and increase quality of the scene object shadows

        *Important: GPU Lightmass uses CUDA CORES ( only GPU – Nvidia )

        *Important: We recommend GTX 1060 6Gb or higher for the best use of the course using GPU Lightmass

*06- Lighting Part 1 – How to create a realistic lighting to the Scene, both outside and inside the house, in the Same File

        Realistic lighting fundamentals

        Light, Shadow, Bounces, Perception…

        How to find the Correct lighting source

        Exercises to test different lighting sources

        How to adjust and compensate the lack of light in some areas

        How to improve and propagate the light inside the house

        Adjusting the Lightmap density

*07- Creation of realistic materials - Part 1

        How to create, adjust and understand the parameters of realistic

        Improving the appearance and quality of materials

        Improving Scene Reflections

*08- Creation and analyze complex materials

        In this class we will analyze, understand and create complex materials

        Creation of Realistic Concrete Materials, Wood, Glass, Metal, Fabric, Plastic…

*09- Migrate

        How to migrate, Copy and correctly  transfer the files between projects.

        In this class you will be awarded the assets of the Palm Tree Pack

        In this class you will be awarded the assets of the Plants and Grass Pack 02

*10- Setting and refining the lighting

        In this class we will distribute the new assets we got

        How to refine the light using realism resources

        Corrections, compensations and adjustments necessary for realism

*11- Foliage Tool. Dynamic light and grass distribution

        Understanding Foliage Tool

        How to distribute grass and vegetations in a natural and realist way

        Setting the dynamic light

*12- How to make Build of big projects using GPU Lightmass

        In this class we will talk about good strategies to solve “out of memory” 

        In this class we will create a great strategy to reduce the build time of big projects

        How to remake Build of only specific objects without needing to make the Build of entire scene

        Exercises to train the concepts

*13- Setting and refining the lighting

        Resolution and Analysis of the Class Exercise 12

        Explanation of how to solve the 2GB limitation for the "build data" file

*14- Scene Optimization

        How to optimize the scene using LODs (Level of Details)

        How to find, adjust and optimize the right size of each texture

        How to optimize the grass using the Cull Distance of Foliage Tool

*15- Complementary adjustments in the light and refining the Project

        How to Insert Artificial Lights Without Re-Building

        Insertion of Spots, IES, Point Light ...

        How to Adjust the Post Process and Improve the Whole Scene

        How to insert the First-Person navigation

        How to render Screenshots in extremely high resolutions

        How to insert Collisions and Locks in our Scene

*16- Complementary adjustments in light and refining the Project

        How to Insert Landscaping in Large Project Areas and Build Using the GPU

        Adjusting and finalizing the Pool area

        Detailing the living room and Materials

        Assembling and Finishing the Bedroom

        How to use Concepts of Photography in the Scene (DOF, ISO, Aperture)

        Making Considerations, giving tips and Final Adjustments of the Project

*17- Packaging the Project 

        How to generate the project's executable file to present in real time on the computer

*18- Extra contents

        SEQUENCE - Creating Videos, Animations, and Exporting Final Video using "Sequence"


*19- Good Practice Checklist


*20- Scenography Project 

        Preparation of files and strategies in 3dsmax to create Scenography / Stands projects

        Inserting Videos in Materials and Led Panel

        Animating Lighting, Objects and Finishing the Scenography.

*21- Extra contents

        Adding Interactions: Opening doors, exchanging lights, materials and furniture ... (Recording the lesson)






Virtual Tour Video of the Scene Captured in Real Time



You will be redirect to the ordering page.

After the payment confirmation you will receive an email with instructions to access the Student Area.




You will be redirect to the ordering page.

After the payment confirmation you will receive an email with instructions to access the Student Area.


Some Projects Using "dviz Photo realism Course" Concepts

Clique Here to Enlarge Some Images from This Project Using dviz Photo Realistic Course Concepts

* Prerequisites to follow the Classes

        Processor: i5 / i7 / Higher or equivalent

        RAM: 16Gb or higher


        3dsmax 2015 or higher.

        However, if you use other modeling software, that's fine! You can easily adapt the concepts in this class.

        The lesson was recorded so that you can adapt the concepts for Blender, Maya and / or other software that has Similar Resources.

        There are also all the files used in the class already in FBX for you to study


        Unreal 4.23 and / or higher

        There are Suggestions for free and paid plug-ins

        To follow the Build classes using GPU Lightmass, we suggest using the GTX1060 6GB or higher

IMPORTANT: The course was created for only one student per purchase. It’s important to remember that any attempt to distribute login and password to friends,

or any attempt to circumvent the use of 1 purchased course / 1 student will result in the loss of Access to the course forever, without any financial return

in addition to the penalty provided by law




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