Realistic Eukaliptus Tree Pack

Realistic Eukaliptus Tree Pack

dviz Realistic Eukaliptus Tree Pack , is a photo-realistic pack ( UE4 Realistics Trees, UE4 Realistic Grass, UE4 Realistics Stumps, UE4 Realistics Rocks, UE4 Realistic Plants ), optimized to Archviz. Can Be Use Game Dev. as well. This package was designed with the goal to be photorealistic . All Geometries, Materials, Textures were ideally designed. This Pack Contains Eucalyptus Trees, Rocks, Stumps, Plants, Grass, and More.


You tube Demo Video:

Some Features Video:


Formats: UE4 ASSETS 

PhotoGrammetry Geometry: Yes

PBR Material: Yes

  • 21 Realistic High-Poly Tree Models With Several Controls
  • 21 Realistic Low-Poly Tree Models With Several Controls
  • 20 Realistic Grass Models With Several Controls
  • 44 Realistic Plants Models With Several Controls
  • 21 Stumps Models With Several Controls
  • 06 Rocks Models With Several Controls
  • 38 Physically correct Materials with infinite variations
  • 103 Physically correct Materials With Several Controls
  • 267 Textures 2048 , 4096 , 8192
  • 02 HDRI
  • Realistic Ground Materials
  • 1 Example Map 
  • Texture Size: 2048 - 8192

    Collision: No

    Vertex Count:

    LODs: Yes, All Meshes. (Generated in The Unreal)

    Number of Meshes: 148

    Number of Materials and Material Instances: 110

    Number of Textures: 267

    Supported Development Platforms: Desktop, Mac, VR

    Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop, Mac, VR, XBOX, PlayStation

    Documentation: No

    Important/Additional Notes: Specially designed for archviz. However, Good Game Fps ( Hi-end Platforms )


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